Are we worried about Tripda and Blabla? No…

A tough market needs a lot of marketing and money power to overcome. It takes a lot to change the mind of people to shop online. Flipkart got that change into the market. But guess what, amazon could only enter the Indian market after flipkart made that change happen. Snapdeal also came in after this era.

It takes a giant to make that change, and then the playing field is leveled for the players. Will a investor put in money to carEgiri for making that change happen. I dont think so, but they will after we succeed in India and want to expand to the world.

Why is carEgiri far safer and usable as compared to Tripda and Blabla, Read up “Why will carpool work in India

Why carpool will work in India ? We know it will..

The concept of carpooling is as simple as, I want to travel, why not travel with someone else travelling in the same direction as mine.

India has never been a place of good transport for the masses. We have always had a 3rd class in trains. We will always have substandard roads, not enough to cope with the population of people and vehicles. That is the one reason we know carpooling will work in India. All we need to do is make it possible.

The only questions are,

will I ask

No, I am too egoistic to ask, only because I am 100 times more egoistic to accept a excuse.

will they agree

Not unless its clear to them, what they get for it. The question is Is money interesting enough ?. Pay attention here, I did not ask Is money interesting, I asked interesting enough ?. From what we know, its interesting to think that I can earn money, but can I earn enough to stop working :). Yes, that is convincing enough. OR Can we make it interesting enough without the money component. How about gifts ? We (@carEgiri) think that gifts are interesting.

will I feel safe, be safe

The question of safety is more a “today’s” question, considering the fear the media has placed in our minds. I cant really say they are unfair, things have gotten to be really bad.

So, before we started working in carEgiri, we explored the market. And this is what we found.

      A website for carpooling, and no mobile app, with part time working founders and teams. Really!! you expect people to sit at their desktops / laptops and find a carpool before they leave for office or home. Really!! We are at the peak of handheld age here guys, WAKE THE F**K UP, people.
      Login from facebook, and I will find you your dream carpoolers. Guys, facebook ka market size is so god damn small. The API’s are restrictive to hell. Everytime facebook decides to switch something off, you will wake up in the middle of the night and loose all your customers. Its a shitty deal.. You need to think about giving your customers a bigger market size to play with.
      Buggy, slow, crashing apps. This is a classical example of a pure business man thinking he can get funded (we may end up getting funded), and technology is just shit. I can pay interns and get them to write code. I dont discount interns, but you have to know how to hire that talent. Its like hiring a skilled carpenter, without knowing anything at all about wood, ply and block board. Yeah, these guys behave like Steve Jobs, but own shitty products with more than 5% crashed app 1 star ratings. Trust me these guys go back and blame the developer like hell, instead of helping him cope up with failures, stand up and come back with high energy the next day.

Sorry, I got carried away.

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1 way ‘to leave on time’

I am so tired of listening to people talk about how carpooling can solve the world problems. That may be true, but is it possible for the entire world to think differently together? The answer is no, people think and behave differently, its not possible to get people to behave like they think, let alone getting multiple people to behave collectively same together.

We are governed by rules of the land, home, parents, siblings and our partner’s. Even at offices we have a boss. It is important for someone to keep a check on you, to ensure that you do the right things, and things right.

Ok, I strike out the boss from the equation 🙂

Is it time to leave, for home for work ? If you have a local train to catch (in Mumbai), or a bus to catch (in Bangalore), then you are self organized. But if you dont, then carpooling solves that problem for you. It gets you organized towards yourself to leave in time.

During the first week, as you start carpooling, you are forced to keep a clear head in the morning, and get ready in time. In about a week, you start reacting to the new change in your life, and you begin to realize that you must leave on time, there is no other form of transport for you to get back. This ensures that you keep your clock under check all day and get as productive and replanned as possible. In about 2 weeks from then, you start realizing that its not possible to be on time, unless you ensure that you leave 5 mins in advance. This makes you more sensitive towards time.

Smile Smile and more Smiles!!!! :)

It was just another saturday when  i woke up!!!!!! I had no idea how many “WOW” moments it was wrapped in. We had to go at the GO PORT programme organised by NokiaX and Microsoft team. As soon as we reached Siddharth sir was all set to prove that he is the king in his field of expertise “coding” and making an app that looks best and feels even better!!!! Zain ready to be the networking star was all set to make as many people memorise his face as possible!!! i looked around the whole five star hotel…n i was satisfied!!! we four looked the best there!!! our energy, positivity and team spirit as usual was unbeatable!! First WOW moment came when we installed our first app carEgiri on NokiaX..soon after we published bykEgiri aswell!!! We all were beaming with happiness…two apps published back to back in no time….and the most of the teams were still struggling with publishing one!!! Then came the awesome five star hotel’s FREE lunch… four of us kept exchanging the sly looks saying “jitna thusna hai thus lo aaj ;)” Amazingly we also published our third app Taxeeta!!!! we all were like YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Result time came and ofcourse we won!!!! We got that big yellow NokiaX phone i always dreamt of…and also a powerbag that saurabh wanted!!!! Not to forget all the appreciation and encouragement we got from the NokiaX team and all the other teams that had come… NokiaX and microsoft team also promised s to visit AIT for an overnight hacking competition!!!!! Finally came the photography session….. Smiles were all around !! we were overwhelmed and in my heart i was so so so proud to be in this team!!! So my just another saturday turned out to be on of the best days of my life 🙂

Get Out !!!!!!

Summer has begun, the bright sun shining right on my face brings a sense of pride and happiness into me. I find it really hard to believe that at the age of 19; how does anyone convince himself to walk away the day sitting in their rooms doing nothing !! Well ! a month back I was no different….I am in second year and I am not just employed; I can provide employment….. Every matter what day or what exam or submission i have….I rush out excitedly to meet Saurabh, Zain and Siddharth Sir. Starting from meeting vendors to working on the incubation centres to meeting HR’s of companies, to coding to going to malls and streets and asking people what they think of our product. Fun !! To making standies, on the road promotions… we do it allll……. It’s so damn fun and heavenly satisfying. Standing on the road holding our hand made standies and making people smile is like the best thing I have ever done that’s what inspires me the most….we are doing all this to make life easy,fast,stress free and ultimately happy for others, right now we are focusing on the traffic problems….cool isn’t it??? i m not among the ones complaining…i am among the ones providing solutions….When I get back to my room and I am totally exhausted, I am constantly loosing weight and I am so tanned that my roomies refuse to recognize me. But I go to bed with a smile, wake up with a smile; work with a lot of inspiration in heart and ofcourse one day  I will possibly end up becoming a millionaire too. All this is far more exciting than those exams and submissions and movies and seasons…. Right??…. so people GET OUT !!!! of your cocoon….. See what beautiful capabilities we all are filled of.

Losing hope

When we start something new, there is so much of excitement, so many hopes and dreams and there is an aura of positiveness all around. But as time passes no matter how appealing our work might have seemed to us…we start losing hope. Its a fact things cant always work perfectly…we HAVE to face failures. There is time when no matter what you do…things still seem to be repetitive, tasteless,..success seems to be far off, excitement is all dried up and you feel like saying “I QUIT” every other minute. And even quitting isn’t easy when you have dreamt so much…Your Heart becomes really heavy,eyes fill up with tears, you cant breath, you have to forcefully gulp in air and there is a lump in your throat. That feeling of defeat, that feeling of not have achieved what you dreamt of is really paralysing. There is this dialogue repeating in your head that “Come on dude!!! i have put my heart,soul and sweat into this…i deserve my reward where is it??”. We all face such times and you know what the key here is??? It is to have such ultimate faith in yourself, your team and your dream that the motivation never dries out. When you have this…who the hell can make you quit? fling your life out to your dreams. No-matter where you are stuck… find a way or make a way out…. a way self made or never made before…. but NEVER GIVE UP trying what you really want to do….coz when inspiration comes from within you can never go wrong.

The Fourth Musketeer (me)

As a small girl; the fairy tales used to get me thinking if MAGIC really exists. When i met the three musketeers i realized….magic does exits; we all have magic within us……. So here I present the story of how the three Musketeers met. First Siddharth Sir: A person with an experience of 17 years in Microsoft….. Didn’t catch your attention yet ?? Well ; a person who finds code bugs juicy ; and trust me on this revolutionary ideas strike his mind at a lightning speed. He has an undying, unlimited passion to solve social issues that most people suffer from but ignore due to lack of guts. be it single handedly volunteering to keep an eye on his society security or be it traffic issues that everyone complains of…… Traffic issues is the main point and this is where the other two musketeers hoped in. Saurabh and Zain second year mechanical students in Army Institute of Technology. Zain hungry to learn, hardworking, striving for perfection, thought hard to bring about a change. Saurabh people’s boy, his charm and tact is such that he forces people to believe whatever he says…… agitated by the way people keep complaining and yet find no solution….. Zain and Saurabh spent many nights discussing and this is where the magic happened. While going to Pheonix three of them were caught in traffic….. they happened to exchange a disgusted look at each other and while coming back they coincidentally again met….. caught in traffic they again looked at each other in aghast due to the horrible traffic conditions. The next day Zain and Saurabh went to Innovation Park where to their surprise Siddharth Sir came and introduced a revolutionary idea of reducing Traffic. Totally impressed by him Zain and Saurabh chased him adn thereon the magic began. Perfectly adapting to each others needs moods, habbits and ideologies they together formed a recipe of success. The hardest of the work, the worst failures, the happiest success all seemed fun. Constantly motivated to bring a change…. confident of themselves….. they are ready to bang on the world. And myself….nivedita….Zain and Saurabh’s classmate….impressed by their zeal and passion…i joined them…and ever since then..i have become the little sparkle to their magic… 🙂 experimenting this new world ….blogging, travelling, on road promoting, cooking, even trying on journalism and enjoying this rare bond in  team mates….i m loving it 🙂